She Is Seen.

Shifting Shame by Sharing Stories - Real, raw, wild, free and enough.

She Is Seen is a self acceptance NOT FOR Profit.We are an inclusive space for ​women, non-binary and gender diverse humans of all expressions, cultures, ​abilities & disabilities, colours, backgrounds, sizes and shapes. We call the ​Ramindjeri Ruwi of the Ngarrindjeri Nation in South Australia home.

Collective activism for radical ​self-acceptance, shifting ​shame, sharing stories.

She Is Seen Movement is a ​community of incredible ​individuals with a shared vision ​to rewrite the damaging ​narrative that undermines ​self-worth. We believe in ​embracing and celebrating ​everyone as they are, without ​the need to fix, morph, or ​change. Because we are all ​WORTHY & ENOUGH.

She Is Seen Movement is a community of incredible individuals with a shared vision to ​rewrite the damaging narrative that undermines self-worth with the belief of embracing ​ourselves as we are.

She Is Seen is a self-acceptance and environmental advocacy organisation that seeks to ​create community, connection, and transformative conversations. Primarily run by ​volunteers, we also work in collaboration with numerous other not-for-profits, charities, ​organisations, and businesses. We achieve our goals through collaborative partnerships, ​the creation of events, sharing of educational materials, advocacy, media coverage, ​photography, exhibitions, podcasting, storytelling and nature immersion events.

She Is Seen began as a grassroots, community-led movement in 2017. By 2019, She Is Seen ​was operating as a Social Enterprise and in 2023 we officially registered as a Not For Profit ​Organisation.

Our ethos is to do good things for our community, to support connection and the ​environment, by supporting each other to own it all, lumps, bumps, scars but more ​importantly our differences and stories. We are an inclusive space for humans of all ​expressions, cultures, abilities and disabilities, colours, backgrounds, sizes, and shapes. We ​call the Ramindjeri Ruwi of the Ngarrindjeri Nation home and can be found in Port Elliot, ​South Australia.

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We are honoured to call the Ramindjeri Ruwi of the Ngarrindjeri Nation home.

We love and respect the Ramindjeri and Ngarrindjeri mob who live, work & play ​along side us. We pay our respects to their Ancestors, their Elders, past, present ​& emerging and their stories, connection, reverence for this place we are all ​blessed to call home. The symbol for the women’s meeting place image was ​created by Team She Is Seen’s Strong, Proud & Deadly “Katjeri Mi:minar” Kyla ​McHughes, Jade McHughes and Abby Bricknell.

Yarluwar Mi:wi Mi:minar - Ocean Spirit Women

In 2023 Kyla McHughes, Libby Tozer and Jade McHughes collaborated to create the Mi:minar Tumbetun program for Australian First Nations Women. This beautiful program has deepened and solidified the integral partnership between

Mi:minar Tumbetun and She Is Seen.

Initially funded though support from Indigenous Business Australia. The program, among other motivations supported First Nations women to write, create and produce a song.

Yarluwar Mi:wi Mi:minar performed at the 2023 She Is Seen Festival and have plans & invitions to perform at future events & festivals.

‘Yarluwar Mi:wi Mi:minar’ song group proudly over 50% First Nations Australian Women and non First Nations Women, who are all connected by their love of the ocean and each other.

Their song incorporates the use of Ngarrindjeri language.

Team She Is Seen

'She Is Seen' is a community, a team, and a truly collaborative space. Team She Is Seen' ​are the ones who make this all possible, through their help and support at events with ​everything including photography, ticket sales, supporting participants, and creating the ​most amazing environment - they are why we are here.

Team 'She Is Seen' work tirelessly behind the scenes managing our community, editing, ​software, creating, offering their support, and generally just being epic humans who ​hold the vision of 'She Is Seen', and in complete truth, none of this would be possible ​without them.

Libby Tozer

She Is Seen Founder, Artist, Writer & Human

Libby Tozer is an award-winning storyteller who uses natural light photography, film, and words to create stories that matter. Director and founder of She Is Seen, ​she has a background in community building, grassroots advocacy and marketing. Libby supports Not-For-Profits to develop and manage their strategic ​partnerships, fundraising, digital and social media portfolios. She calls Ramindjeri Ruwi on the Fleurieu Peninsula home.

Libby's books have earned acclaim for their profound impact on readers, encouraging self-acceptance and empowerment. Accolades include ‘Every woman needs to ​read this book’ and ‘The most impactful book you'll ever own.’ Libby's work has received widespread recognition, including significant media coverage, publications, ​interviews and exhibitions. Her art and writing offer solace, guidance and raw beauty “leaving an indelible impact on the soul”. Through her creative endeavours Libby ​inspires acceptance of what is, reminding us to cherish the environment and hopes to inspire change through story.

You can connect with the She Is Seen community and follow Libby on Instagram @libby.tozer and Facebook @sheisseenmovement

Work with Libby

— Photos, Story, Future Projects

With a well published and exhibited portfolio that has

captured the essence of well over 1000 bodies, Libby creates an ​incredibly safe space where you can confidently unravel into your ​own skin. Libby specialises in Acceptance photography.

For commissions, collaborations and private photography enquiries ​please email

Libby is currently working on numerous story telling based projects. ​Invitations for participation and collaboration are at times offered ​though the She Is Seen platforms, email data base and social media ​channels.

The book that began it all - Through Her Eyes, words & photography by Libby Tozer

“My intention for Through Her Eyes is that it ignites a self-acceptance movement that radiates far beyond those who read its ​pages.’’ - Libby Tozer

Through Her Eyes explores common threads that women experience throughout their lives, highlighting moments any ‘she’ ​could experience. This book is raw, heart breaking, expansive and beautiful. It is a witnessing of womanhood and a true ​celebration of the many facets that make our bodies spectacular and unique. Inspired by the feminine collective, from our ​shared experiences, Through Her Eyes plants a seed to activate real change, not only for ourselves but for those who surround ​us. The presentation of Through Her Eyes is the culmination of five years’ work. Many women have contributed their hearts, ​bodies and experiences and shared a glimpse into their lives for this book to become a reality.

See the original Through Her Eyes kick starter here



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Shifting Shame,

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Some of the Media Outlets That Have Featured Us Include:

  • Marie Claire Australia
  • Scenestr
  • The Fleurieu Sun
  • Natural Parenting Magazine
  • Victor Harbor Times
  • Radio Adelaide
  • Power FM
  • 5MU
  • Women In Business - WIB Chat
  • Soar Magazine
  • Fleurieu News
  • Sunrise


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Our beautiful tops with a story helping us to weave more magic into the world.

Tried and tested by our team we can report they are comfy, true to size, well-made and a daily favourite for many of us. These t-shirts are inspired from our huge group shoots.

Our t-shirt story ~

Our t-shirts and tote bags are designed and intended to be a statement. They aren’t cheap because clothing made with care and integrity cannot be.

We can make choices to create change and break the cycle of people and the planet being exploited. While the conversation is uncomfortable … it’s an important one. We want to acknowledgement that we have supported the systems that have enslaved others and that together we are ready to create change.

Our t-shirts are made by Dorsu in Cambodia who do all the right things by the planet and their staff. They are made from repurposed fabric that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, along with the other 140,000+ kg of synthetic textiles discarded each day.

With every t-shirt sold She Is Seen® donates $10 to one of our partner charities.

These tops are designed to be a loving reminder to us all to embody the skin that we are in with the intention of breaking the cycles and distributing the dialogue that can have us believing we need to be fixed, morphed or different before we can be worthy.

Because you are enough exactly as you are.

Note - In an effort to reduce waste our tops are made to order once annually, please expect at lease a 6- week turnaround time.

As a general size guide a M is about a size 12 and a large a 14.

She Is Seen
Non Profit NGO

Our sponsors and volunteers make this all possible. We are proud to have them as partners in this endeavor and hope that you take the time to learn more about each of our sponsors and show them your appreciation.

Thanks to our incredible 2023 sponsors

She Is Seen have proudly raised thousands of dollars for charities including Catherine House Adelaide, Treasure Boxes SA and Marsha Flow.

We live, work and play on Ramindjeri Ruwi. We love & respect the Ngarrindjeri mob, their stories and connection to this place we are all blessed to call home.

To join our community head to @sheisseen and get involved.

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We strive to be an inclusive community and space where anybody can find themselves being seen and belonging. Our ethos is to be kind to each other, the planet, and ourselves. We're on the path of the learner, and we're always open to doing things better. If we could make our community more inclusive or accessible for you please feel free to get in touch - we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to volunteer to help, please reach out by emailing